Insurance Tips for Young Adults

Graduation season is nearing and with that comes the freedom and independence of adulthood. Part of adulthood is making your own decisions — including financial ones like insurance. The topic of insurance can be daunting for most people, especially young adults, who sometimes learn the hard way their coverage isn’t adequate until they need to […]

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What everyone should know about tornadoes

Blog Courtesy of West Bend Insurance Company In the early morning hours of April 4, 1981, a F4 tornado unexpectedly struck West Bend, Wisconsin. The tornado caused 3 fatalities, 53 injuries and $25 million in damages. Unfortunately, the National Weather Service only issued a severe thunderstorm warning so the tornado sirens never sounded. The storm […]

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Why You Need an Annual Insurance Review

For many of us, an insurance review isn’t top-of-mind as we’re making New Year’s resolutions; but it should be. January is the perfect time to meet with Preferred Insurance Services, Inc. and review your current coverage. Likely, many things have changed since you first signed your policy, which means you may not be fully covered […]

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Looking to earn a little extra spending cash?

Tupperware and Avon gained popularity in the 1940s and have been going strong ever since. Today you can pick from any number of direct selling companies, including AdvoCare, Scentsy, Jamberry, to start your own business. Maybe sales aren’t your thing, but you’re a talented musician and are considering offering guitar lessons in your home. All […]

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Five common appliances that cause house fires

  Our homes today are filled with electronics and appliances that make our lives easier and provide us with entertainment. DVD players, big screen TVs, video game systems, and cable/satellite TV boxes overload our electrical outlets and fill up our entertainment centers. If you bought a new appliance lately, you’ll see that technology has changed […]

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Thinking of buying an older home?

Do you plan to buy an older home because it has character or as an investment? In either case, make sure you pay attention to the type of wiring. Nancy Arndt, personal lines senior underwriter, will explain the problems with old wiring. Many homes that were built before 1950, and go as far back as […]

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