Halloween fun facts and safety tips

  Attending a Halloween costume party and trick-or-treating, are traditions for many families. I still remember some of the costumes and parties I went to as a child. As I married and had my own children, I was able to enjoy all the festivities with them. Being a huge chocolate lover I always enjoyed inspecting […]

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Ten tips to enjoy Halloween and keep your pets safe

Halloween is a fun and festive time of year. Stores are stocked with tons of decorations, costumes, and of course, my favorite, chocolate. However, for our pets Halloween can be scary and stressful. For a couple of hours their world is turned upside down with ringing doorbells and excited kids. In addition, the candy bar […]

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Winning tactics for a safe school year

  Blog Courtesy of West Bend Mutual Another summer has ended and kids are back in school. Homework, bedtime routines, and chaotic schedules are again, part of our lives. Back to school also means additional congestion on our roadways and in school parking lots. Now more than ever, it’s important for everyone to take a deep […]

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Prevent garage hazards from harming your family

  With nicer weather on the way, we’ll start seeing a flurry of activity in our neighborhoods. Neighbors will begin walking/running, grilling out, and starting yard cleanup to deal with what Mother Nature left behind. Neighborhood kids will begin knocking on your door to see if your kids can play. Scooters, bikes, and trampolines will […]

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