How to Safeguard Your Roof From Hazardous Weather

Blog Courtesy of West Bend Insurance Nothing puts you on edge like a big storm. Whether it’s pounding rain and crashing thunder or a blizzard that knocks out the power for days, nasty weather can have you questioning your family’s fundamental security—and the steadfastness of the home that keeps you safe. In fact, a really […]

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Eleven tips to protect your campsite this summer

  Camping is a favorite past time enjoyed by many. Early morning walks, fishing, and making S’mores over the campfire can create many fond memories for your family. Have you ever returned to your campsite to find that thieves turned it upside down and stole your cooler, grill, or electronics? Unfortunately, if this has happened to […]

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Dismantling Distracted Driving

Blog Courtesy of The Zurich Services Corporation Think about your drive to work this morning. How many people did you see applying makeup? Reading? Eating? Most of us see these kinds of things daily and understand that these are dangerous behaviors while driving a vehicle. However, we may laugh at other drivers’ poor choices or […]

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Eleven simple tips for using your lawn mower safely

While operating a lawn mower is a common task this time of year, it can be dangerous. Flying debris, moving and hot parts, and errors in judgment can quickly lead to serious injury. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 80,000 people make an unexpected trip to the emergency room each year because of lawn […]

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