If you are Driving, Put down the Cell Phone

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By Beth RogersAuto Insurance Image

Just reading the headlines sometimes make me shake my head.  “Woman Watching Netflix While Driving Crashes Car”, “Distracted driving crash photos a reminder to put the phones away”.

These are just a two caught my eye in the past few months and we all see it on the road.  The slow driver or the one swerving and when we pass them, they are looking down at their phones. The truth is we are all probably a little guilty of using our cell phones while driving, but right now it is only illegal to text while driving. That may change soon in Minnesota.

The MN House Transportation Committee held a hearing on House File 50. It is a bill that has been proposed that would prohibit the use of cell phones while driving unless hands-free. It would apply the current penalty for violation of the texting prohibition, $50 for the first offense and $225 for future offenses.  The bill passed committee by a unanimous voice vote.

The MN Senate Transportation Committee endorsed two bills.  Senate File 91 is much the same as the House bill, but the other imposes fines of up to $500 on repeat offenders and makes prison time possible for distracted drivers in serious crashes.

I think it is time for us to all put the cell phone away and concentrate on driving. It may be the law soon.

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