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Soon, kids will be heading back to school. No matter what grade your student is in, there are always mixed emotions. While some parents are relieved to get their child back in a routine, I’m always rather bummed. I love summer and enjoy having my children around.

If your student is heading off to college, there are so many things to consider. Examples include:

  • Deciding if your son our daughter will take a car to school.
  • Selecting what type of computer to purchase.
  • Developing a plan for move in day.
  • Determining if a microwave and refrigerator are included in the dorm room.
  • Figuring out where to place the big screen TV and video game system.

Sometimes what gets lost in all the commotion is an understanding of how insurance responds to different situations at school.

Recently, Sue, a West Bend independent insurance agent was asked by her insured, about coverage for his college son’s personal items, including a new MacBook Pro. He wanted to make sure that if something happened to his son’s items while away at college, they would be covered by insurance. The policyholder was thrilled to learn West Bend has one of the broadest coverage forms for full-time students and as a result, he wouldn’t need to purchase any additional coverage.

To learn more about how your son or daughter’s personal property is covered while away at college, check out the video below.



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