Tips for helping your kids cope with final exams

If you have kids in high school, final exam week is just around the corner. Year-end projects are nearing completion, which leads to study packets and a stressful time for students and parents. Exam stress can be the result of a number of factors or situations such as: Fear and inability to accept failure; Negative […]

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Insurance tips for new college graduates

  In just a few short weeks, college students will put on their caps and gowns and celebrate graduation. For many, graduation will be exciting and scary. Some graduates will start their new jobs right away while others will continue looking for their dream jobs. Either way, graduation signifies the official start to adulthood. Full […]

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Eleven tips to declutter your home with ease

  Whether you’re spring cleaning, downsizing, or preparing to move, getting rid of your unnecessary personal belongings can be a big endeavor. If you’ve experienced a recent death in the family or you’re going through a divorce the decluttering process can be even more stressful. My parents have lived in their home for more than […]

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A blanket can be soothing after a devastating home loss

Losing a home to a fire or tornado is a devastating life-changing event. If your home were destroyed, would you have enough coverage on your homeowner’s policy? Many policies provide a specific percentage of coverage based on the value of your home’s contents (clothes, TVs, appliances, etc.), other structures (garages and sheds), and additional living […]

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Avoid the dangers of spring driving with these tips

  Spring has officially arrived! While many people breathe a sigh of relief because winter driving has ended, spring driving can also pose dangerous situations. It’s important to understand that each season change brings different driving conditions.   Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe on the roads this spring. 1. […]

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Benefits of a home water flow monitoring/detection system

  Owning a home is a dream shared by many. Home ownership provides many benefits, such as financial security and stability, the pride of ownership, and a special place to raise a family. Homeownership also comes with a number of responsibilities, such as cutting the grass, shoveling snow, and completing minor repairs. While many insurance companies were […]

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Tips to make sure your sump pump is ready for spring

According to Tom, West Bend claims manager, March, April, and May are typically heavy volume months for sump pump claims. Significant temperature fluctuations in the late winter and early spring months can result in a lot of pooling water and saturated soil. As a result, sump pump claims often come in fast and furiously. In […]

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